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Sunday 1pm to 2am
Monday 9pm to 2am

Tues-Sat 6pm to 2am

Happy Hour 
3 to 7 Sundays
6 to 9 Tues.-Sat.

Full Menu

Until 1:30am Nitely
(except Mon)



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Joe LoRe

Founder, Principal

A North Jersey native, Joe has 15 years of front and back of the house restaurant experience. He has operated, managed and consulted for a number of restaurants in the New York metropolitan area. Now, a Delray Beach resident, Joe held the position of manager at the Atlantic Grille in the Seagate Hotel where he first met Chef James.  Joe’s Atlantic Grille experience and understanding of the Delray Beach food culture solidified his intent to bring a taste of New York and his family recipes to the town. From a sapling of a restaurant concept emerges American comfort under the old Banyan Tree. 

Rob Dolder

Beverage Program Director

A Miami native Rob has garnered widespread attention amongst his peers and loyal clientele. A self-taught, mixologist, Rob has a gift formulating specialty cocktails. Rob also gained sommelier knowledge while working at the Ritz Carlton, Manalapan. Rob has the gift of coupling food and drink to maximize the customer dining experience.

Ed Schifter

Bar Manager

Ed is a Florida native, and proud graduate of the University of Florida, Ed is an avid golfer and soccer fanatic. He's been behind the bar for upwards of 7 years, most notably as the local legend at Pepe's Hideaway (now Delray Hideaway). Over the pasted 2 years Ed has fine tuned his mastery of his craft adding food and wine pairing knowledge and extensive beer, cocktail, and spirit knowledge. With a familiar face and true to form personality, Ed is without a doubt the bartenders' bartender.


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Banyan Spotlight

Atlantic Ave Magazine Pg 24 | Feb 1, 2017

Recipe Feature "Banyan White Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette"

Atlantic Ave Magazine Pg 110 | Feb 1, 2017

Local Pictures in the Pineapple Grove Arts District

Atlantic Ave Magazine Pg 38 | Feb 1, 2017


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